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News 2023

Pinning of 3 CBMI candidates for Graduation


Benz, Dianne and  Myrza!!!

Recently, on February 03, 2023, Benz, Dianne, and Myrza have been "Pinned" as a sign that they are candidates for graduation, which will be held on July 2023. Benz and Myrza are taking up a Bachelor of Secondary Education; meanwhile, Dianne is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Truly, the dreams and prayers of our Founders, Rev. Orlando Sacman & Rev. Lorena Sacman are gradually coming through. And with the help of our Lord, everything is always possible. All we need is to hold on to the promises of our Lord and never give up!

Also, we would like to thank our Partners and Sponsors for their unending support of the Channel of Blessing Ministry.

Once again, congratulations Benz, Dianne, and Myrza, you did it!!! We are so proud of your achievements!

To God be the Glory!

(Ma.Myrza Sacman and Rev. Lorena Sacman)


(Rev. Orlando Sacman and Benz Charles Elani)


(Princess Dianne Fernandez and Rev. Lorena Sacman)

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