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"To serve our God Almighty is the first and foremost objective of Channel of Blessing Ministry International (CBMI). It is founded because of the passion and devotion to our God and the desire of the heart to be a blessing to other"



"CBMI are connected to people who has a generous heart and same passion in partaking to others every blessings that God has poured out in our lives."

“I will make you into a great nation,and I will bless you;I will make your name great,
   and you will be a blessing. Genesis 12:2"



"To share what we have and became a channel of blessings to others in one of the purpose of CBMI. It is about showing and sharing the love God to them through helping them financially and spiritually

Our Mission

To be a channel of every blessing God has given us to every people who are in need.

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Our Vision

We CBMI are respondent on the calling of serving God, connect with people and to share the Love of God to people

Our Mission And Vision Statement

Who We Are

Who We Are

             CBMI or Channel of Blessing Ministry International Cabuyao, Inc. is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the calling of serving, connecting with people and sharing God's love by assisting them financially and spiritually through the ministries such as Feeding for Children, Widows Ministry, Pastoral Care, Adopt Children to School (ACTS Ministry), Church Building Project, medical assistance and Humanitarian work not only in the Philippines but in worldwide too.

          We have faced numerous challenges over the years, but God has impressed, the CBMI and              United Family of God Church, Founder and Director, Rev. Orlando Sacman and his wife Pastor Lorena Sacman, way back in 2009 and come up with a strong desire to start a ministry that would focus on connecting to people and provide not only humanitarian needs but also helping people to know Christ intimately.

            CBMI has been serving the community since its humble beginnings in 2012, connecting and sharing the blessings that God has entrusted to them while also touching lives. This ministry is constantly growing, and they help every pastor and family with their need as well as doing some projects such as Church Buildings.

             In September 2013, Rev. Orlando Sacman attended a conference and received a word in his heart and its says "Help the young people build their dreams" and this is a confirmation from God about being the channel of blessings.

         CBMI established the ACTS Ministry intending to assist young people in building their future and assisting them not only with financial matters but most importantly is, with spiritual growth that will lead them to their relationship to Christ.

            CBMI also do humanitarian works that assists people affected by natural disasters by providing them basic need to survive. As well as spreading the gospel, encouraging and praying for them.

             Furthermore, they assist Widows in the church who need assistance and deepening their relationship with God.

             They devoted and committed to its core values of Partnership, Sustainability and Generosity.

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