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Our Ministries

Children Ministry

Children Ministry is the first work that God gave to the heart of CBMI. Its purpose is to teach and help every children to establish their relationship to God. Other than that, we also feed them and provide them their basic needs, especially in school materials. 

As of now, CBMI supports a total of 300 children. Including the satellite churches of United Family of God Church.

Furthermore, we help them not only to know the words of the Lord but also with their basic academic studies.
Children Ministry
After we teach them about the goodness of our Lord and basic academic studies. We also commit to feed them with healthy food and giving them a glass of milk.
Teaching and Helping the childrens to know God
Giving them basic school materials
Children Feeding Ministry
We also extends this kind of ministry in other parts of the Philippines like Leyte, Bicol and Batangas through the help of United Family of God Church satellite churches
Acts Ministry


Adopt Children To School

Adopt Children To School (ACTS) Ministry is a part of CBMI that has 10 In-House Students and 29 outside Students, and now there are 14 College student who graduated through the help CBMI


Many students especially in college have been given a chance to continue their studies. CBMI wants to support those youth that have a dreams and goals in life.

This ministry helps also those students to have strong foundation in faith and deep relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Widows Ministry

Widows Ministry

CBMI is committed to help the widows in the church, who really needs a support.

There are 15  Widows receiving a monthly grocery as part of the commitment of the CBMI.

Pastor Lorena Sacman is the one who led the Bible Study for the widows, which help each of them to have a strong faith and to deepen their personal relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Ministry was established in 2013, with one of its goals being to provide assistance to pastors not only in our outreaches, but also to those who are financially needy for their church and family,

At the moment, we have 16 beneficiaries who received monthly financial assistance.

CBMI is here to serve and encourage pastors by providing immediate assistance.
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