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CBMI House

One of the main project of Channel of Blessing Ministry International is our CBMI House, where we adopt deserving Young People to stay in this house until they finish their studies.

We started the CBMI House in March 2016, because of Rev. Orlando's heart for the young generation. Also to fulfill what God tells Him to do to help the young people build their dreams.

In CBMI House, we made our adopted students to feel comfortable in the house. That why we build the CBMI House with facilities such as their own bedrooms, living room, laundry area, kitchen and etc.

We also build a research and computer room with good internet connection, so, they will not go outside to make their projects in school.

CBMI also teach and help these In-house students to grow in the love of Christ. We even expose them in the mission works of CBMI by letting them help us prepare relief goods when we have mission work.

And now, We have 14 students who already finished their studies and now they have their own job. 

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