"He Shall build for Me a house and I will establish his throne forever. 1 Chronicles 17:12"
God puts in the heart of the CBMI not just helping the family of the needy pastors but also helping their church to building its own sanctuary.

The first project that we built was the United of Family of God Church (UFGC), main building, that is located in Cabuyao, Laguna and founded and Directed by Rev. Orlando Sacman, He is also the Founder and Director of Channel of Blessing Ministry International Cabuyao, Inc. 

With the help of Channel of Blessing Ministry International, the UFGC Main building was built on Year 2013. UFGC Main Building was use
not only for the place of worship and seminars but it was also use as Children Ministry building where we gather kids to feed and teach them to know the Lord Jesus Christ while they're growing.

As of now, CBMI already built a total 8 churches of United Family of God Church.

       - In 2014, CBMI bought a land with and build a church of Brgy. Kay-Anlog, Calamba
       - In 2015, CBMI bought a land with and build a church of Brgy. Paraiso, Dagami,Leyte
       - In 2018, CBMI bought a land with and build a church of Brgy. La Mesa, Calamba
       - In 2019, CBMI build a temporary church in Brgy. Sirang Lupa, Calamba
                    This church was built two times because they haven't yet bought their own land and they only renting a land. That's why the church was built temporarily.
In 2021, CBMI bought a land and built a total of 3 Churches which is in
                     - Santo Tomas, Batangas with 112sqrmtr land
                     - Capoocan, Leyte with 80sqrmtr land
                     - Guinobatan, Bicol (temporary church)
       CBMI also gives assistance to other churches in finishing their house of Worship
                     - in 2018, CBMI gave church building assistance to God's Christian Church in the Philippines

Its really a great blessing to the community to have a place of worship, so, people could attend the church and pray regularly. Also, the place of worship is used by God through pastors to encourage the people and leading them to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank our Lord Jesus Christ to the heart of Channel of Blessing Ministry International for being the partner of United Family of God Church in reaching people and helping them to build the church for Christ.

United Family of God Church in Cabuyao (Main)


United Family of God Church in Brgy. Kay-Anlog, Calamba


"I am Pastor Romy Batalla and I am pastoring United Family of God Church in Brgy.Kay-Anlog Calamba, Laguna.

I am so thankful to our Lord Jesus in all of answered prayers we plead to Him together with my Senior Pastor Rev. Orlando Sacman. And God granted our prayer last 2015, the Channel of Blessing Ministry International bought a 110sqrmtr of land and build a church to have our own place of worship.


After the church was built. CBMI Ministry bought everything that is needed in the church like music instruments and chairs. Until now God amazes me and even my Spiritual Family for all His provision unto us. By the grace of the Lord, CBMI Ministry continually supporting me  financially. Thank you God for using CBMI Ministry to fulfilled all of the visions that He gave to his servant. May the blessing of the Lord continuously over flow in the life of all the people behind the CBMI Ministry, All Glory to the Living God!"

United Family of God Church in Brgy. Paraiso, Dagami, Leyte


Greetings in the Mighty name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


As part of the family in UNITED FAMILY OF GOD CHURCH, We Allan P. Ignacio and Myrasol M. Ignacio church Pastor, are very grateful and thankful to God for the blessing that we have received thru (CBMI) CHANNEL OF BLESSING MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL. 


Way back 2013, the church service where held under the avocado tree because that time the church building that we have rented where devastated due to typhoon Yolanda, and by God's abundant grace CBMI had reached us in providing the fund in able us to bought the lot (200sqm) on October 30, 2015 and started to build the church building in PARAISO, DAGAMI LEYTE way back February 25, 2016.


Also CBMI became a blessing to us. This mission group has been our help in our ministries, thus, supported the feeding ministry and us financially until now. Truly that GOD will use persons/group to be a vessel of His blessing. Thank you so much CBMI for being such a Channel of Blessing to us. May God pour out more blessing to this organization in able to help more churches and fellow believer.


                                                                                   in Christ,

                                                                                  Ptr. Allan Ignacio Ptra. Myrasol Ignacio


United Family of God Church in Brgy. La Mesa, Calamba, Laguna

UFGC La Mesa is one of the major project that CBMI done because of its a complete facilities such as Children's Room, Kitchen, Worship Hall equipped with Sound Reinforcement, Musical Instruments, Tables & Chairs and Pastoral House.

Rev. Orlando Sacman started this satellite church way back 2009 in one of the member's garage. La Mesa remains in the heart of Rev. Orlando and He's been praying for this area to have its own place of worship.

In fact the Barangay La Mesa is a strategic area where it is located in a high place of Calamba City, Laguna.

And now this place of worship was turned over to Pastor Leymar and Pastor Jenny Alagao on September 2020, this was happen after the couple was married.


Me and wife were greatly blessed as God called us in the ministry to serve Him and the people, through the help and support of our Pastor and Channel of blessing ministry. We were both sent to Bible School to study and to be trained. In 2016 my wife was sent to Baguio at Happy Family Bible School and I was sent to Missions School in Bulacan, we praised and thanked God because we both finished schooling and Graduated.


Back in 2014, CBMI also supported my vocational studies, before going to study for missions school.


In 2017, my wife Jenny was sent to Cambodia for mission training. Through the support of CBMI and UFGC Family everything she needs was met during her stay there.


In 2018 I was sent to Papua New Guinea to study Missions for 2 years and Graduated. I thanked the Lord for His provisions and protection as I stayed afar from my country and my family.


In September 2020, after we got married we were commissioned to handle the United Family of God Church in Calamba Lamesa, and through the help of CBMI and our Pastor everything was prepared for us especially the Pastoral house that we will be staying. We are grateful and thankful for the support of CBMI not just financially but also in prayers.


Now, as we continue in serving the Lord we are more eager to do what He has called us to do, despite of the challenges we are facing in the ministry as young ministers of the Lord, but we praised and thanked God for the people He is using to help us, guide us and support us in everything we need.


To God be the Glory!

                                                                                    - Pastor Leymar & Pastor Jenny Alagao


United Family of God Church in Brgy. Sirang Lupa, Calamba, Laguna


I am Pastor Elvira Mico and my husband Bro. Leopoldo Mico. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all the grace he has given us.


I'm very grateful that Channel of Blessing Ministry International help us construct our house of worship, even thou, we're still renting a land, the CBMI continue supporting us since we started the church on year 2016. They also gave us some basic musical instruments, computer, projector and new chairs.

I thank God because CBMI also support our kids in their studies like tuition fees and other things they need in school.

Now, my Eldest Daughter Lovely Mico has already finished her Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and my son Eleazer also finished a technical vocational course. I thank God because they already have their own job.


Also, I thank God because CBMI continuously support me financially.


United Family of God Church in Brgy. Santo Tomas, Batangas


I'm Pastor Yves and my wife Jessica together with United Family Of God Church Sto Tomas Batangas giving thanks for supporting us to our financial needs by the help of Channel of Blessing Ministry Inc to build a local church in our place.


It is a wonderful Blessing to us by having concrete Church and it is manageable to use for Worship and give comfortableness for all the attendy.


This Church creates family and it is very useful to us.. thank you CBMI by giving us a chance and opportunity to your Help and we appreciate what you've done in your ministry.


May the Lord Blessed CBMI God bless! 


United Family of God Church in Capoocan, Leyte